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Die schönsten Smoothie Bowls



Hier zeige ich euch die schönsten Detox Smoothie Bowls aus dem Internet zur Inspiration und zum nachmachen.



Smoothie Bowls for two #hippielane @talinegabriel ??????

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Pink Smoothie perfection @alphafoodie ??

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Delicious Blueberry & Acai Melon Smoothie Bowl by @ichabeld ??????

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Smoothie Bowl perfection @tiziano_broccardo ??????

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MATCHA BASIL SMOOTHIE BOWL with rainbow fruits, coconut yoghurt and a tasty as heck homemade granola from the wonderful Heike @tastyasheck This and the delicious @organicburst matcha we're both gifts that she brought me to our little dinner date on Tuesday. I had imagined Heike exactly how she was in person: sweet & tough, sporty & chic, authentic, stylish and simply amazing! I feel so unbelievably grateful to have met her, sat down to have dinner with her and listened to her great life experiences. And boy am I happy to eat her granola?? RECIPE 1|2 cup loosely packed spinach A handful fresh basil 1|2 papaya diced and frozen 1|2 mango diced and frozen 1 kiwi diced 1 banana sliced and frozen 1 tsp @organicburst matcha 100 ml coconut water ? Blend all ingredients in a blender and arrange with more fruit, granola and coconut yoghurt. Enjoy nice and cool! Love, x : : : : : #glutenfree #vegan #smoothiebowl #detox #nicecream #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #cleaneating #healthyliving #whatieat #vegansofig #feedfeed #bestofvegan #nourish #food4thought #veganbreakfast #delicious #healthy @bestofvegan @letscookvegan @thefeedfeed #enjoyplantpower #foodie_features #gloobyfood #cleaneating #vegantreats #f52grams @food52 #ahealthynut #beautifulcuisines @beautifulcuisines #shoutoutparty @kayla_itsines @thrivemags @healthmagazine @shape

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Celebrating my sweet friend Anika @morning_moringa and her amazing achievement of reaching 10k followers ???? #morningmoringa10k I'm certain that anyone who knows this sweet Parisian living in Berlin, will agree with me that Anika is the queen of artistic smoothie bowls! I tried my best to get close to what she does every morning with this #persimmon #mango and #goji #smoothie bowl. Anika loves persimmons☺️ I must admit, it was very meditative (and difficult at the same time?)! I finally got to meet Anika in person a few weeks ago. We had breakfast at our favorite café in Berlin @kaffeebarberlin and I had imagined her exactly how she is: beautiful, inside and out. I'm so glad we have stuck together for all this time now, sweety! Thank you for being one of my first followers and thank you your always supporting me on my little food journey! You're definitely one of a kind and so is your unique and creative way to have a healthy breakfast every day! Love you and I can't wait to have an americano☕️ with you again! And for the rest of you lovely faces, go to Anika's page and be transported to a food art gallery that will truly inspire you! Much love, x : : : : : : #vegan #dairyfree #glutenfree #smoothiebowl #breakfast #healthy #vegansofig #cleaneating #eattherainbow

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COSMIC BOWL? anyone? Or blackberry coconut #nicecream with #granola and passionfruit! Heck yeah?? And that color is real! First off, I'm still in awe about all of you wonderful people joining my #hungrydetox2017 party! I'm just so lucky to be part of this amazing community! Check a few posts back to find out how to join. I want to see all of your creative recipes?? And secondly, I still can't believe that the amazing Kayla @kayla_itsines featured one of my pictures yesterday?? She's by far one of the world's greatest #fitness influencers! Thanks again for that, lady! Much love, x RECIPE 1 tray of blackberries frozen 1 banana frozen 100 ml coconut milk ?? Blend until smooth. Add to a bowl and top with granola, passionfruit and more berries : : : : : #glutenfree #vegan #smoothiebowl #detox #nicecream #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #cleaneating #dairyfree #paleo #healthyliving #whatieat #vegansofig #feedfeed #bestofvegan #nourish #food4thought #veganbreakfast #delicious #healthy @bestofvegan @letscookvegan @thefeedfeed #enjoyplantpower #foodie_features #gloobyfood #cleaneating #vegantreats #f52grams @food52 #ahealthynut #beautifulcuisines @beautifulcuisines #shoutoutparty @kayla_itsines @bbg_community

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So einfach könnt ihr eure eigene Smoothie Bowl machen:



  1. Gefrohrenes Obst wie Bananen
  2. Etwas Flüssigekeit wie Pflanzenmilch oder Wasser (damit es cremig wird)
  3. Superfood Pulver
  4. Frisches Obst zum dekorieren oder Kräuter wie Minze/Basilikum
  5. Superfood wie Goji Beeren, Cacaonips, Chias usw.
  6. Getrocknetes Obst wie Datteln oder Kokosflocken


Gefrohrene Zutate mit der beliebigen Flüssigkeit cremig mixen. Das Detoxpulver hinzugeben und nochmals mixen (Je nach Obst, Gemüse und Pulver bekommt ihr eine andere Farbe).
Die eisige Masse in eine Schüssel füllen und mit Früchten belegen. Danach kann man die Bowl noch zusätzlich mit Kokosflocken oder Minze dekorieren, schließlich isst das Auge ja mit 😉

Guten Appetit!



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